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  1. The Patellofemoral Pain Course Brad Neal, Simon Lack
  2. Reverse Engineering in S&C: Applications to Agility Training Anthony Turner
  3. Athletic Groin Pain Andy Franklyn-Miller
  4. Neck course / Un corso dedicato al collo Sigbjørn Hjorthaug
  5. Optimize your wellbeing and prevent burnout / Ottimizza il tuo benessere e previeni il burnout Anna Wong
  6. Thomas Mitchell's favorite MWM's / Le MWM (Mobilizzazioni con Movimento) consigliate da Thomas Mitchell Thomas Mitchel
  7. Advanced Exercise Prescription Eric Hegedus
  8. The Unstable Shoulder Anju Jaggi
  9. Cauda Equina Syndrome / Sindrome della cauda equina Andrew Cuff
  10. Clinical Reasoning For Exercise for Back Pain Ben Cormak
  11. Achilles Tendinopathy Peter Malliaras
  12. ACL tear non-surgical management: Practical Tutorial Kieran Richardson
  13. Adaptations in muscle morphology and architecture to exercise Martino Franchi
  14. Behaviour Change – skills, tools and techniques Andreas Lycke
  15. Communication for Behavior Change Andreas Lycke
  16. Plantar heel pain Henrik Riel
  17. Rehabilitation Principles Rolf Walter
  18. Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: 21st Century Physiotherapy Stephen King & Andrew Lemon
  19. Women's Health Lauren Stone
  20. Sciatica Tom Jesson
  21. Strength training for endurance runners: improving performance and reducing injury risk Rich Blagrove
  22. Cardiac rehabilitation Lars Tang
  23. Orthopedic tests Eric Hegedus
  24. Spinal Red Flags Chris Mercer, Laura Finucane
  25. Frozen Shoulder Eric Hegedus
  26. Clinical Hypnosis Queenie Wu
  27. Dizziness: A practical, evidence based intro to Vestibular Assessment, Treatment & Rehab Alan Sealy
  28. Pain: Translating Neuroscience into Clinical Practice Niamh Moloney, Martin Rabey
  29. ACL Tear Non-surgical Management: Challenging Dogma Kieran Richardson
  30. Exercise in the management of pain and disability Hakon Fotland
  31. Clinical reasoning when dealing with non-specific pain Hakon Fotland
  32. A deep dive into the BioPsychoSocial model Ben Cormack
  33. Dietary supplements for Strength Training Juma Iraki
  34. Nutrition for MSK health Ben Steele-Turner
  35. Pain Theories: From Descartes to the Enactive Approach Peter Stilwell
  36. Exercise & Pain: a Reasoned Approach to Dosing Exercise Paul Lagerman
  37. Strength & Conditioning Principles Claire Minshull
  38. Mindfulness in Stress and Pain Management Shrey Vazir
  39. The Hand & Wrist in Sports Ian Gatt
  40. Filip Struyf Frozen shoulder Filip Struyf
  41. Subacromial impingement syndrome: Is it time to finally abandon the term? Jared Powell
  42. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Quick and dirty Laura Rathbone
  43. Pain science in the clinic Alison Sim
  44. The knee course Sigbjørn Hjorthaug
  45. Words Matter- choosing words wisely with back pain: how to help and not harm Oliver Thomson
  46. Motivational Interviewing Stephen Rollnick
  47. Elbow exam and rehab Val Jones
  48. Implementing Guidelines in Clinical Practice - Neck Pain Derek Clewley
  49. Self-management Nathan Hutting
  50. Clinically Useful Clinical Reasoning Chad Cook
  51. Hip Exam Mike Reiman
  52. ACLR outcomes and potential solutions & MSK injury risk screening in sports Lee Herrington
  53. Pelvic Health Sarah Haag
  54. Patient education integrated in back pain care Alice Kongsted
  55. Low Back Pain - what it is and why we should pay attention Jan Hartvigsen
  56. Hamstring exercise selection for injury prevention Ryan Timmins
  57. Exercise progression and pain during hamstring strain rehab Jack Hickey
  58. Evidence for exercise as treatment of knee osteoarthritis and implementation in clinical practice Søren Thorgaard Skou
  59. Current evidence for treatment of the knee in the middle-aged recreational athlete Ewa Roos
  60. Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain Andrew Cuff
  61. Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework Tim Mitchell
  62. We are getting fatter and sicker Peter Brukner
  63. Differential diagnosis of headache Alastair Flett
  64. Current concepts in tendon rehabilitation Jill Cook
  65. Tendons – load, pain and the brain Ebonie Rio
  66. Tennis Elbow Andrew Cuff
  67. Introduction to interpersonal skills to improve rehab outcomes Jasdeep Dhir
  68. ACL Rehab: from research to practice Bart Dingenen
  69. Movement for Movement Ann Gates
  70. Mindfulness Movement Bahram Jam
  71. Neck pain: new treatment approaches for the busy clinician Chris Worsfold
  72. The back course Sigbjørn Hjorthaug
  73. Function over fashion Jack Chew
  74. Lower back pain: shifting the narrative of back pain at work Ash James
  75. Rheumatology in Physiotherapy. Jack March
  76. Cervical arterial dysfunction: moving forward with Alan Taylor Alan Taylor
  77. Translating pain neuroscience into clinical practice Martin Rabey, Niamh Moloney
  78. Rehabilitation of the shoulder and return to play in Rugby Ian Horsley
  79. A Biopsychosocial Approach for Students and New Grads: A critical thinking and principles based approach Zak Gabor
  80. Clinical reasoning for exercise for back pain. Ben Cormack
  81. A revolution evolution. Paul Lagerman
  82. An introduction to Graded Motor Imagery Tim Beames
  84. The shoulder course Sigbjørn Hjorthaug
  85. PAIN - From Descartes to 2018 Svein Kristiansen
  86. Learning by doing - is that enough? Svein Kristiansen
  87. Cognitive behavioral approaches for manual therapists Alison Sim
  88. Clinical reasoning Svein Kristiansen
  89. Interview Peter O´Sullivan with Karen Litzy Peter O’Sullivan
  90. Core stability - Is spine stability really what explains pain ? Greg Lehman
  91. Interview Emma Stokes and Jonathon Kruger with Karen Litzy on Physical Therapy Emma Stokes
  92. Avoiding nocebo - How to communicate more effectively with your patients. Jarod Hall
  93. Nick Tuminello interview with Karen Litzy on Strength Training Principles Nick Tumminello
  94. Interview Karim Khan with Karen Litzy on Physical Therapy and Exercise Karim Khan
  95. Pain modulators Lars Avemarie
  96. Placebo Lars Avemarie
  97. Interview with Neil O´Connell Neil O'Connell
  98. Back pain - Kieran O´Sullivan Kieran O’Sullivan
  99. Low back pain and exercise. Ben Cormack
  100. Interview with Michael Mash Michael Mash
  101. Patellofemoral pain - Esculier Jean-Francois Esculier
  102. Crossing the chasm Jason Silvernail
  103. ACL prevention Bart Dingenen
  104. Knee OA - Myths and conservative treatment. Anthony Teoli
  105. Interview with Kjartan Vibe Versum Kjartan Vibe Fersum
  106. Running injuries Chris Johnson
  107. Thinking fast and slow about hamstring injuries. Nicol Van Dyk
  108. Applying principles of Motor learning to ACL rehab Alli Gokeler
  109. Socratic dialogue and motivational interviewing Bronnie Lennox Thompson
  110. A modern approach to movement and exercise. Ben Cormack
  111. Interview Bronnie Thompson on communication and Pain with Karen Litzy Bronnie Lennox Thompson
  112. Simplifying the Foot & Ankle Marc Surdyka
  113. Nerve Related Musculoskeletal Pain Colette Ridehalgh
  114. The Sporting Upper Limb: Clinical Decision Making & Planning Strategies Ian Gatt
  115. Running Injuries Aidan O' Flaherty
  116. Making Sense of Contemporary Manual Therapy Ina Diener