May 18, 2024  

EM335: Breast Cancer: from Diagnosis to Rehabilitation

Breast cancer is the first cancer diagnosed in the Italian female population, with a slightly increasing incidence rate, but a constantly decreasing mortality. This is thanks to prevention screenings and continuous research into diagnostic techniques and medical-surgical treatments.

After breast surgery or treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, complications can arise that affect the quality of life of the patients, also from a motor point of view. The role of the physiotherapist expert in breast rehabilitation is fundamental, who can intervene before, during and after the therapies.

This course aims to provide participants with the theoretical knowledge necessary for the global assessment of the patient with breast cancer and the practical knowledge to be able to manage the needs of this type of patient and any post-treatment complications.

In the course there is ample space for the practical parts both with demonstrations by the teachers and practical tests on the participants. The course is based on the most recent scientific evidence, with particular attention to the theme of therapeutic education and physical exercise, essential for the management of cancer patients in the various phases of the treatment path.

30 Seats

Intended for

Doctors, Physiotherapists


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32 Hours


18 - 21 May 2024
38,3 ECM



COURSE LOCATION:  EDUMED - Via Della Badia, 18 - 25127 - Brescia (BS)



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DAY 1 THEORY (9-13 and 14-18)

  • Epidemiology, screening programs and breast cancer diagnostics
  • Anatomy and physiology of the mammary gland
  • Breast cancer classification
  • Medical treatment and radiotherapy (neoadjuvant and adjuvant)
  • Surgical treatment (conservative and demolitive)
  • Breast reconstructive surgery techniques
  • Postoperative complications of breast surgery
  • Complications/side effects of medical and radiotherapy treatments

DAY 2 THEORY AND PRACTICE (9-13 and 14-18)

  • The lymphatic system of the breast
  • Post-surgical complications pertaining to physiotherapy: evaluation of the patient
  • AWS (self-assessment, assessment and treatment test) and Mondor syndrome
  • scarring (evaluation and treatment)
  • capsular fibrosis
  • Breast edema: Evaluation and treatment
  • breast treatment after lipofilling
  • The Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome
  • Nerve injuries (intercostobrachial n., thoracic longus n.)

DAY 3 THEORY AND PRACTICE (9-13 and 14-18)

  • The lymphatic and venous system of the upper limb
  • Lymphoedema risk and therapeutic surveillance after breast surgery and radiotherapy
  • Thoracic outlet and axillary vein syndrome: medical evaluation
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome: physiotherapy treatment
  • Secondary lymphedema of the upper limb: outline of evaluation and treatment
  • Therapeutic education in the person with breast cancer

DAY 4 THEORY AND PRACTICE (9-13 and 14-18)

  • Physiotherapy assessment: shoulder, cervical and thoracic spine evaluation
  • Physical activity and exercise in the person with breast cancer
  • Final ECM test