Andry Vleeming


Dr. Andry Vleeming is working in the Department of Anatomy of the University of New England and in the rehabilitation department of the Medical University Ghent Belgium. Currently he is working as a rehabilitation professor at the Ghent University and visiting professor in Anatomy at the University of New England and the Medical Charite University Berlin Germany. 

He received his Ph.D. at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with specialty the anatomy, biomechanics and radiology of the human pelvis and spine. He founded the research group musculoskeletal system in 1990 at the same University to improve the diagnostic understanding of patients with chronic lumbar and pelvic pain. Together with Prof Vert Mooney of the orthopedic surgery department of UCSD, they founded the Interdisciplinary world congress on lumbo pelvic pain under the auspices of the University of San Diego. Dr Vleeming became the program manager for UCSD for this congress. The 8th world congress will take place in 2013 in Dubai.

In 1995 he founded in cooperation with the Dutch government a specialized rehabilitation hospital for severe chronic lumbar and pelvic pain patients. For his work as director of this clinic to successfully rehabilitate wheelchair bound women with chronic pelvic pain, he was honored a knighthood by the Queen of the Netherlands. He later became the chairman of the European Institution for Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) as chairman for the development of a European pelvic girdle pain guideline, which was published in 2008.

Dr. Vleeming lectures worldwide about the clinical anatomy of chronic low back and pelvic pain to various medical specialists. In 2010 he started cooperation with the North American Spine association to supervise the world congress on lumbo pelvic pain. Dr Vleemings research is focused on understanding chronic lumbo pelvic pain and to develop evidence based rehabilitation for chronic pain patients. World-wide he is working together as an expert in diagnosing patients with severe chronic pelvic girdle and spinal pain. In the department of anatomy at the Erasmus University and the Spine and Joint Centre and the Rehabilitation department of Ghent, from extramural funds more then 3 million dollars in grants were received. Dr Vleeming has written more then 59 peer reviewed articles in leading musculoskeletal journals. He is the author of 15 books on the musculoskeletal system and editor of 20 books and 18 book chapters.