Gerlinde Haase

IBITA Senior Instructor

Professional development / career

Working as a nurse                            1973 – 1974 (Orthopaedics, Hagen, Germany)

Physiotherapist                                  1977 – 1978 (Rheumatology, Bad Abbach, Germany)

Physiotherapist                                 1978 – 1982 (Neuro-Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents, Schömberg, Germany

                     CP, Brain –Injury, Encephalitis, Tumor, etc.)

Superintendent Physiotherapist         1982 – 1985 ( Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy

Calw-Hirsau, Germany)

Superintendent Physiotherapist         1986 – 2000 (Neurorehabilitation, Kliniken Schmieder

                                                                                    Allensbach/Gailingen, Germany

Leader of the Postgraduate Education Centre in Kliniken - Schmieder, ZENITH      since 1990 --- 2010, (see above ---  same clinic)

Physiotherapist, Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor for Physiotherapists Occupational therapists, Nursing Stuff          2000 – 2010    (see above ---  same clinic)

Owner and leader of  Feldenkrais- Studio “Therapie und Lernen” since April 2004  -2011 in Öhningen , Germany

Self imployed Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Work in own private praxis

“Therapie - und - Lernen” Haan, Germany    since January 2011( till now)


Postgraduate Education (Neurology)

1979/80           Bobath children course (12 weeks)

1985                Basic Bobath Course    (3 weeks) with Berta and Karel Bobath

1986                Advanced Bobath Course (1 week) Pat Davies

1990                Bobath-Instructor Training IBITA

Qualification:  Jan.1990 Bangor, North-Wales/England by Mary Lynch

1987 – 1998   taking or co tutoring Advanced Courses with international instructors

(about 20)

1998                Qualification as Advanced Bobath-Instructor IBITA

1990 - 1995     Feldenkrais – Seminars, Germany

1996 – 1999    Professional Feldenkrais Training, USA, Hawaii

Sept 2003        Qualification as Senior Bobath-Instructor IBITA


Clinical Lecturing and Lecturing Courses:

Basic Bobath Courses            since 1991 about 60 in Germany, England, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia

                                                ---Lecturing with German and International Instructors


Advanced Bobath Courses and other Neuro- Courses:  

since 1999 about 95 in Germany, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,

                                                Japan, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brasil

         ---Lecturing with German and International Instructors

other Courses and Seminars regarding Movement analysis, Clinical Reasoning,  and Neurophysiology  since1991                       


Brock K; Haase G; Rothacher G ; Cotton S. Does physiotherapy based on the Bobath concept, in conjunction with a task practice, achieve greater improvement in walking ability in people with stroke compared to physiotherapy focussed on structured task practice alone? A pilot randomized controlled trial. Clin Rehabil. 2011, 25:903-12

Eckhardt G, Haase G; Brock K; Hummelsheim H. The Interactive-Dialogue approach in the Bobath concept: a mixed methods study with triangulation. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation .Febr..2016.

Eckhardt G, Haase G; Brock K; Hummelsheim H. Model of Bobath conceptual framework (MBCF): positioning partial aspects within a holistic therapeutic concept. 2016, in process


  • IFK ( German Physiotherapist Association)
  • Vereinigung der Bobath- Therapeuten Deutschlands ( German Bobath-Therapist Association)
  • IBITA International Bobath Instructor Training Association
  • VeBID ( German IBITA  Association)
  • NZBA New Zealand Bobath Association
  • Feldenkrais- Guilde, Germany