Francesco Bettariga

BSc, MSc, PhD candidate

Francesco graduated with honors from the University of Brescia and subsequently completed the Master of Science in S&C cum laude at the prestigious Middlesex University in London.

In clinical practice, he has been involved in applying the knowledge inherent in physical exercise in the sports population and those affected by specific pathologies (cancer, diabetes, lipedema, lymphedema, osteoporosis and sarcopenia).

Currently, he works as a researcher at the renowned Edith Cowan University (Perth - Western Australia) within the Department of Exercise Medicine Research Institute.

He is carrying out his PhD in the field of Exercise Oncology: his project, under the guidance of leading world experts in the sector including Prof. Newton, is in fact aimed at deepening the mechanisms that underlie the benefits deriving from exercise physique in the cancer population. Specifically, Francesco will investigate how the muscular system can secrete substances that inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. His work as a researcher therefore focuses on both the oncological and sports fields.