June 15, 2024  

EM329: Strength & Conditioning con Anthony Turner PART 2- Interval training, change of direction and aerobic capacity

The course will deal with the theory, evaluation and programming of effective interventions for the development of acceleration, agility and speed.

On the first day the different components that determine an optimal performance of the same will be analyzed, as well as a sequential progression for their improvement.

The second day will focus instead on the development of aerobic capacity. Key components such as the Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA), Maximal Aerobic Speed ​​(MAS) will be analyzed and deepened and how to implement these skills will be explained with demonstrations and large practical sessions.

The planning of interventions, including the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), will consequently be implemented in a comprehensive program in accordance with the evaluation carried out by the professional.

30 Seats

Intended for

Doctors, Physiotherapists, Degree in Scienze Motorie (ita),


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16 Hours


15-16 June 2024
20,6 ECM


English with italian consecutive translation

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Day 1

Acceleration, speed, agility and plyometrics (ASAP)

1.            How to design an effective warm-up (lecture)

2.            Acceleration mechanics (practical)

3.            Agility mechanics (practical)

4.            Acceleration, speed, agility and plyometics (ASAP): theory in to practice (lecture)


Day 2

Aerobic capacity and repeated sprint ability (RSA)

1.            Aerobic capacity (lecture)

2.            Repeat Sprint Ability (lecture)

3.            Maximal aerobic speed (MAS) and High intensity interval training (HIIT) training (practical)

4.            Programming for conditioning (lecture)