EM207: CATANIA - Evidence Based Practice: Making sense of chaos

The aim of the course is to help participants become better users of scientific research and encourage a fruitful integration of evidence into clinical practice. In order not to fall into the false belief that research and daily practice are two worlds apart, it is necessary to review the role of clinical experience without denying it, but rather trying to understand the limits and traps that can deceive each of us every day. Evidence-Based Practice challenges clinicians to accept a greater complexity of reality and requires each of them to be able to find, evaluate and integrate research results into their daily clinical practice.

The course aims to provide participants with the basic tools for the recognition of the main reasoning errors related to clinical practice in physiotherapy and beyond, for the research, evaluation and integration of information present in the literature in their daily working life and to orient oneself with greater awareness in the sector training panorama.

The course will last 16h divided into 2 days of training where the teachers will alternate theoretical parts with practical exercises. For the practical part of the course it will be necessary that each participant is equipped with a PC or a tablet so that he can carry out the exercises in person.

30 Seats

Intended for

Physiotherapists, Doctors, Students


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Total: €344.00
16 Hours


23 - 24 October 2021
11 ECM







Day 1:

  • The importance of scientific literature in the physiotherapist profession
  1. How can we evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment?
  2. What factors contribute to the clinical outcome?
  3. Can we trust what we perceive and value?
  4. EBP as an antidote to rehabilitative nihilism
  • Bases of the scientific method
  1. The types of study and the pyramid of evidence
  2. Free classification of types of work based on the scientific method
  • Questions to ask an article Search the literature (practical exercise)
  1. PubMed search string
  2. Quick search strategies, for those who don't have time!
  • Basic statistics: secrets for initiates
  1. Random variable, distribution and test of the null hypothesis
  2. Generic linear model
  3. Analysis of variance

Day 2:

  • Bias in literature
  1. Most common bias in different types of studies
  • Applied Statistics: Read Articles Like a Pro
  1. The fallacy of the null hypothesis
  2. Familywise error
  3. P is not the Effect Size
  • Integrating literature: from the article to everyday life (Practical exercise)
  1. Where can I find the information?
  2. Is the information credible?
  3. How can I transfer this information to my patient's case?